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ASEEL Law Firm, a selection of lawyers and legal advisors, form a professional working group with high experience and professional skill in different legal areas , to provide superior quality legal services to our clients inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. All of our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in a particular area of law, which has earned our office its good reputation. In addition, our office cooperates with a selection of Arab and foreign offices, so the spatial scale through which we can provide our legal services to our clients extends to many countries across the globe.

Litigation:  The office owns great experience in handling all types of cases and  representation before  all levels of courts. This includes the commercial, civil, real estate, criminal, personal status, employment disputes and interim measures in support of foreign or arbitral proceedings.


Legal Consultation: We offer consultation in quick and easy deliberation of information given to us by our clients to deliver them legal solutions and advisory specific to their matters. In providing legal consultation we believe in setting absolute transparency and candor which assist clients in achieving their legal means.


 IP LAW  & Company Incorporation: We assist clients in registration of companies according to the legal forms for commercial companies under the UAE law and advising client’s on protection of all ownership rights such as commercial and industrial models, inventions and other intellectual property rights. We also help our clients protect their legal rights through patent protection on their creative and scientific works.



Arbitration has achieved popularity throughout the world for offering flexible mode of dispute resolution.  We converge those who have the best international and local experience here in U.A.E. courts in assisting client’s in their arbitration matters and enforcement of arbitral awards. From representation to drafting of all pleadings, we cover all stages of arbitration including enforcement of arbitral awards before the UAE courts.


Drafting and Reviewing Legal Contracts:

Our team assists clients in drafting wide range of commercial contracts and corporate documents including but not limited to agency agreements, services agreements, franchise agreements, tenancy contracts, sale and purchase agreements, share transfer agreements, memorandum and articles of association, employment contracts and policy documents. We take special care in holding discussion and review meetings with our clients to ensure the drafts have sufficiently covered all aspects of their particular transaction.


Debt Collection: We assist clients in collection of all types of debts belonging to companies, individuals and governments , departments inside and outside the country by using all means of follow up by negotiations and legal procedures including interim orders, precautionary attachments and execution procedures in court for enforcement of money judgments.

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